The Flights for Peace on Sunday were great fun and attracted Londoners from across the capital.  Good connections were made and David Wardrop (UNA Westminster) is gathering all the practical ideas for peace-building that were suggested.
Here are some photos, taken by Phoebe Robertson.




There’s a lot happening across London . .

Send us a photo of your event with a short description and we’ll post it here.

London Boroughs Faiths Network at the Imperial War Museum’s Build The Truce audio-visual display on 6th June.

Lord Michael Bates, who promoted the Olympic Truce by walking from Olympia in Greece to London (passing through the former conflict zones of the Balkans, the Cold War, World War II and World War I) and speaking to people along the way. He is pictured here with the curators of Build The Truce and others at the Imperial War Museum on 6th June.

Mrs Geetha Maheshwaran telling the meeting at the Imperial War Museum about the experiences of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka and in the UK during and after the civil war.  Muhammad Abdul Bari (London Muslim Centre) is seated on the left and Mrs Sonoo Malkiani (Harrow Inter Faith Council) on the right.  Standing behind is Dr Arif Malik of the Forum for International Relationships Development.


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