Picture of Peace – competition for young people

Peace is precious and beautiful. 

What brings you peace or makes you think of peace? 

Produce a piece of artwork or write a poem that expresses your idea of peace.

Great new competition from the Islamic Society of Britain – thank you Julie!  Circulate the flyer to your local schools and youth groups – closing date for the competition is 7th December!  Download the flyer and find the competition rules and all the details here.


Peace Camp

“Eight murmuring, glowing encampments will appear simultaneously at some of our most beautiful and remote coastal locations, from County Antrim to the tip of Cornwall, from the Isle of Lewis to the Sussex cliffs.

Designed to be visited between dusk and dawn, Peace Camp is a poignant exploration of love poetry and a celebration of the extraordinary variety and beauty of our coastline.

Composer Mel Mercier is creating a soundscape that reflects the many voices and accents of the UK and we’re delighted that YOUR VOICE COULD BE PART OF IT”

Peace Camp.