MUJU’s Peace Lab in action

MUJU’s Peace Lab in action

MUJU still 3Outstanding work from young Muslims & Jews at MUJU Crew this summer – watch the video now.

The Al-Khoei Foundation, Brondesbury Park Synagogue and St Anne’s Church of England worked together with MUJU – the filming & editing was supported by the Near Neighbours Programme.

Peace Lab ReLoaded starts in October – contact MUJU to sign up.

Week of Prayer for World Peace 19 October

Week of Prayer for World Peace 19 October

Sunday 19th October at 2:30pm

A warm invitation from the organisers of the Week of Prayer for World Peace on their 40th anniversary.

“Please join in and together, from the depth of our hearts, let’s send out a united prayer for peace for ourselves, our communities and all parts of the world experiencing trouble.

An interfaith gathering of prayer and peace will be held at the Al-Khoei Foundation, The Stone Hall, Chevening Road, NW6 6TN.


Confronting Violence in the name of God

Confronting Violence in the name of God


Rabbi Lord Sacks. Picture: Sylvie Le Clezio

Public Lecture by Rabbi Lord Sacks on Monday 20 October at 7pm, Greenwood Theatre (Guy’s campus), Kings College London.

All are welcome and admission is free, but booking is essential via Eventbrite.

“There are many conflicts around the world at present which claim to be in the name of God, particularly (although not only), the Middle East – such as ISIS in Iraq (with the persecution of Christians and Yazidis in Mosul), the ongoing situation in Gaza (which affects all three faiths of ‘the people of  the Book’), and so on.  In this public lecture, Rabbi Lord Sacks, as Professor of Law, Ethics & the Bible at King’s College London and Global Distinguished Professor of Judaic Thought at New York University, reflects on how we might challenge this situation and confront this violence, and do so in the name of God.”


Quakers’ Marigold Bentley on Radio 2 today

Quakers’ Marigold Bentley on Radio 2 today

Marigold speaking at Monday's Peace Conference.  Photo: William Barylo

Marigold speaking at Monday’s Peace Conference.

Marigold Bentley, who was the closing keynote speaker at the Peace Conference on Monday, will be a guest on Radio 2 today between 12 noon and 12.20pm.

She’ll be talking about the UN International Day of Peace and the current international situation.

Marigold is the Assistant General Secretary, Quaker Peace & Social Witness & Secretary, Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations.

90 peace-builders gather in London!

90 peace-builders gather in London!

Group photo

Holding our #PeaceDay messages at St Ethelburga’s on Monday

Over 90 people from many different religions and convictions came together on Monday 15 September at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

There were experiential and skills-based workshops, panel discussions on hot topics, a world première screening of a new MUJU film, interactive sessions and singing from students of the Khalsa Secondary Academy.

The organisers (The Cordoba Foundation, London Peace Network and Faith-based Regeneration Network) proposed a statement of practical intent and commitment to peace-building in the 21st century:

We recognise that peace is not just an absence of conflict but is about building a world where all can flourish without fear. 

We know that fear and violence prosper in a world of ignorance and mistrust where we demonise the ‘other’ and mistakenly elevate ourselves as superior; whether that is across nations and peoples, in our streets and communities, or even in our own homes.

Disputes exist, injustice exists, exploitation exists – we know that these things are real in the world and words alone cannot solve these problems. 

But, coming together today, we dedicate ourselves to find peaceful ways to pursue justice, to stand up and be active, and to use our joint energies and influence for creative and not destructive outcomes.

More pictures from the event can be found here and a press release here.  Download the welcome pack here.

Make your own #PeaceDay message and post it on our Facebook page!  Download the A4 sheet here.

Awareness Sunday 14 September

Awareness Sunday 14 September

awarenesssundayEach year, Awareness Sunday acts as a call to people of all faiths and worldviews to make a new commitment to fostering peace in our communities through education and building bridges with our neighbours.

All are invited to mark Awareness Sunday according to their own traditions and beliefs.

This year’s Awareness Sunday service takes place at 10.30am on Sunday 14 September at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury.  People of all faiths and none are welcome.