Ramadan Festival 20 July – 19 August

The Ramadan Festival will bring together people from different faiths (and none).  They will eat supper and break the fast together in a local mosque during the month of Ramadan.  They will share the atmosphere that is created at such a special time of year for Muslims.

Ramadan is a time of giving, of charity, of sharing, of remembering those in need and reaching out.

These are all qualities embodied by the Olympics too and we are excited to be able to combine those at the same time this year.

All eyes will be on the UK and especially on London. It gives all of us the chance to showcase the fantastic diversity that we celebrate and hold so dearly in Great Britain.

This year Ramadan falls between 20th July and 19th August, although the exact dates depend on the sighting of the moon.

If your mosque would like to take part, please contact the Islamic Society of Britain.  The Ramadan Festival is part of the 2012 Hours Against Hate coalition.


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