All-day marathon reading of Homer’s Iliad – Sat 21st July

As the Olympic Torch arrives in London, The Readers of Homer warmly invite you to take part in the marathon reading of THE ILIAD which will take place on July 21st from 10am to 8pm at the Hellenic Centre in London.

200 readers of all ages and backgrounds including Athletes, Diplomats, Journalists, Artists, students and children will gather to read and sing Homer’s great epic, one after the other, in the languages of the world. The event will be enhanced with on-stage projection of the text in English and related images, music interludes and melodies from the musical ensemble Daemonia Nymphe, on reconstructed ancient Greek Instruments by Nicholas Brass and a homeric feast.

Their common aim will be to add their voices to the international Olympic call for truce and permanent peace, just a week before the official opening ceremony of the 2012 Games in London, promoting the human values and ideals which originated in Greece thousands of years ago, and still reverberate there, in Homer’s land, despite the current crisis.

Come along to listen, or register to read some of the Iliad here.


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