Message of peace from Grand Mufti of Bosnia

Bosnia letterhead



Today, we perceive religion as a tissue that connects our kind on Earth. At the same time, it interprets and clarifies the meaning of our lives.

All religious teachings foster peace, because only the peace gives a chance to people to save their souls and live in harmony with each other.

The Koran teaches that one of the God’s names is the Peace-Giver and the Overseer (Koran, Al-Hasr, 23).

Monotheistic religions profess a belief in one God, who addressed the people by His word, which is preserved in the books. These books we study and interpret. The books say that God created Adam from the first substance of its existence: We created man from an extract of clay (Koran, Al Muminun, 12).

The Prophet of Islam said: You are the sons of Adam, and Adam was created from clay (Al-Tirnidhi, Sunen).

In this, seemingly simple act of creation we recognize the following: God did not create people to fight one another and shed blood of each other nor to live in such triviality and be driven by such frivolous urges.

On the occasion of September 21, the International Day of Peace we pray to God to guide us to the paths of peace and that we resort to each other in order to overcome an abyss between us.

Sarajevo, September 19th 2013          Husein ef. Kavazovic       Grand Mufti of Bosnia

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