Flights for Peace


Baha’i, Muslim and Christian women on the #Flights4Peace. (photo: Phoebe Robertson)

Londoners from many different traditions and backgrounds came together on Sunday 22nd September.

They marked the UN International Day of Peace by flying across the Thames together, taking the Emirates Airline from Greenwich to Newham.

David Wardrop, who chairs UNA Westminster (a member of the London Peace Network) and who organised the event, said

As well as prestige events, reported elsewhere, we set out to organise one which would bring together ordinary people of faith and no faith, to discover similarities and explore differences.

“Let’s get out of our comfort zones and meet people we would never normally talk to”.

Everyone who participated received a certificate.  The conversations went on well beyond the flights – into the café at Crystal on the Newham side of the river and back again to Greenwich.

You’ll find more photos in the Gallery and news of many other events on our Facebook page.


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