Can Christianity continue to sanction war?

The Rt Rev Peter Price, the former Anglican Bishop of Bath and Wells, preached at St Paul’s Cathedral on 11 May as part of  the series “What I want to say now.

He looks at the history of Christianity and the Constantinian compromise which ‘caused radical confusions in the relations of church and state’ .  He tells the story of Martin of Tours and asks,

What does it mean to be a human being today? How are we to live? What kind of future do we want? What are the building blocks for peace among peoples? How are we to live well, and live well together?’

He suggests three strategies: listening to the voice and place of local persons in conflict; all conflicts are local even if they have global consequences – peace building requires the recognition that each conflict is unique; not taking sides, recognising that peace building is not a soft option.

Watch the sermon on our video page here and find the full text here.



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