Peace Café

Peace Café

Peace Cafe

The Peace Conference ignited many conversations.

On a smaller scale, we’ll be continuing these at the Peace Café on Monday 1 December at 5pm.

Join us at Collaboration House, 77 Charlotte St, London W1T 4PW (Goodge St tube).

There’s a kitchen, so bring food to cook/share (come a bit earlier if your dish takes a while to prepare).

Let us know if you’re coming and/or if you’d like to know when the next Peace Café is happening.

Quakers’ Marigold Bentley on Radio 2 today

Quakers’ Marigold Bentley on Radio 2 today

Marigold speaking at Monday's Peace Conference.  Photo: William Barylo

Marigold speaking at Monday’s Peace Conference.

Marigold Bentley, who was the closing keynote speaker at the Peace Conference on Monday, will be a guest on Radio 2 today between 12 noon and 12.20pm.

She’ll be talking about the UN International Day of Peace and the current international situation.

Marigold is the Assistant General Secretary, Quaker Peace & Social Witness & Secretary, Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations.

90 peace-builders gather in London!

90 peace-builders gather in London!

Group photo

Holding our #PeaceDay messages at St Ethelburga’s on Monday

Over 90 people from many different religions and convictions came together on Monday 15 September at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

There were experiential and skills-based workshops, panel discussions on hot topics, a world première screening of a new MUJU film, interactive sessions and singing from students of the Khalsa Secondary Academy.

The organisers (The Cordoba Foundation, London Peace Network and Faith-based Regeneration Network) proposed a statement of practical intent and commitment to peace-building in the 21st century:

We recognise that peace is not just an absence of conflict but is about building a world where all can flourish without fear. 

We know that fear and violence prosper in a world of ignorance and mistrust where we demonise the ‘other’ and mistakenly elevate ourselves as superior; whether that is across nations and peoples, in our streets and communities, or even in our own homes.

Disputes exist, injustice exists, exploitation exists – we know that these things are real in the world and words alone cannot solve these problems. 

But, coming together today, we dedicate ourselves to find peaceful ways to pursue justice, to stand up and be active, and to use our joint energies and influence for creative and not destructive outcomes.

More pictures from the event can be found here and a press release here.  Download the welcome pack here.

Make your own #PeaceDay message and post it on our Facebook page!  Download the A4 sheet here.

Peace-building in the 21st Century | London 15 September

Peace-building in the 21st Century | London 15 September

A5_Peace-Conference-FinalAgainst a harrowing backdrop of international news, and concerns here in the UK, people from different backgrounds and traditions are gathering on Monday 15th September for a peace conference.

Here is an opportunity to engage with a wide range of experts and practitioners, contribute your own insights and experience, refresh your conflict transformation skills, understand the hopes and fears of communities here and overseas and take an active part in workshops and panel discussions.

The Muslim-Jewish arts group MUJU will be with us, showing us their latest work.

Workshops include: Conflict Resilience, Dialogue Skills, Advancing Peace through the Arts, Hostage Negotiations.

Panels include: Peace v War, Grassroots Peace-building, Conflicts in the Middle East, Peace or Appeasement?

Register now – your contribution of £15/£5 will help cover costs & includes lunch at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG.  St Ethelburga’s is a beautiful & poignant venue but there is limited space, so register soon if you plan to attend.

Download the flyer and pass on the invitation to your friends, colleagues and networks.

More information from The Cordoba Foundation 020 8991 3372, the London Peace Network 07903 682 142 or the Faith-based Regeneration Network 020 7840 0138.

Peace-Building in the 21st Century | London Conference | 15 September

Peace-Building in the 21st Century | London Conference | 15 September

Tickets just released!  Sign up now and pass the word around for this special event at St Ethelburga’s Centre in the City of London on Monday 15 September 9.30am – 3.30pm.

group1This is a timely gathering and we have an impressive line-up of experienced people from the frontline of peace-building, who come from different religious and belief traditions.

There are skills-based & experiential workshops, panel discussions on tough topics, Muslim-Jewish theatre and a chance to voice your own concerns and hopes.

A buffet lunch is provided, with time to meet experts in the field, academics and community activists from across London with a deep involvement in peace-building, reconciliation, justice, conflict transformation and community action.

Workshop topics include

  • Conflict Resilience
  • Hostage Negotiations
  • Dialogue & Conversations
  • Advancing Peace through the Creative Arts

Panel discussions include

  • Peace v War – what’s on the ascendency and why?
  • Grassroots communities and peace-building – limits, challenges & opportunities
  • Conflicts in the Middle East & North Africa
  • Peace or Appeasement – where do you draw the line?

We will benefit from the thoughts and experiences of Chani Smith (Bereaved Families Forum), Dr Shuja Shafi (Muslim Council of Britain), Lucy V Moore (Islamic Relief Worldwide), Steve Miller (Faith-based Regeneration Network), Keith Kahn-Harris (author), Imam Fadel Soliman (Bridges Foundation), Julian Bond (Christian Muslim Forum), Angharad Thain (St Ethelburga’s), Dr Anas Altikriti (The Cordoba Foundation), Rosalind Parker (Kings College London), David Wardrop (UNA Westminster) and  Aliya Azam (Al Khoei Foundation).

Lord Michael Bates, London Peace Network’s patron, who is currently on his Walk for Peace from London to Berlin, raising funds for child victims of war at Friedensdorf, has sent this message:

“It is all too easy to look around the world and get depressed about the cause of peace, but it is said it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness: that is exactly what London Peace Network are seeking to do and I applaud them for it and would encourage all those who care about peace to join in.”

The conference is being organised by The Cordoba Foundation, the London Peace Network and the Faith-based Regeneration Network and is supported by a wide range of organisations.

Places are limited at St Ethelburga’s so book your ticket online now – £15 (£5 for concessions) for the full day of activities, including lunch – and pass the word on to friends, colleagues and networks.