Feedback please!

The London Peace Network isn’t quite public yet . . . so we welcome all your comments – especially if noted here on the blog itself.

It would be great to hear from people in London from different religious traditions, and from none, so that we can add all the info we need to get involved – and in an easy-to-find way.

Already suggested is a smaller masthead (do you like the new one?) and some background info on the Olympic Truce.

Should we have a What’s On listed borough by borough – or just keep it London-wide?

What about food-related (eg Ramadan Festival, Britain Tastes Great), arts-related (eg Waterloo Festival) – or listed all together?

Should people be able to suggest peaceful places to go in London, peaceful poems, art, inspirational verses from scripture/philosophy or from literature or people we respect?   Have you any suggestions?

Family-friendly peace-building?  Any opportunities you know of?

What is your own community doing over the summer – anything which builds trust between local people?

And lastly, there’s a good chance of some multifaith/intercultural cricket during the summer in central London – anyone up for helping organise that?

Thank you for your comments and suggestions – perhaps we should have a prize for the best!

PS If you subscribe to London Peace Network, every post will come to you by email :)


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