What brings you peace?

What does peace mean for you and your community?  Do you sometimes experience peace – if so, how? where? when?

Do you have hopes for peace?  What needs to happen?

If violence isn’t the answer, how do we deal with our conflicts and injustices?  What do we do instead?

Read the thoughts of other Londoners and add you own . .

‘In 2005 I copied out a poem by John Donne in response to the London Terrorist attacks of July 7th. “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.” It has stuck in my mind.’  Rachel Bond

Walking over Waterloo Bridge on a breezy afternoon. Silent meditation. Shared conversation in a city oasis with the rumble of traffic in the distance, sparking new thoughts on old subjects.  Canon Giles Goddard


One thought on “What brings you peace?

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