Messages to London Peace Network

We have received many wonderful and inspiring messages of support today.

We will be sharing  them with everyone who comes to ring All The Bells on the Millennium Bridge this morning.

Dr Constantinos Filis, the Director of the International Olympic Truce Centre in Athens, begins his salutation,

“People of London!  Thank you all for coming here to cheer for Olympic Truce!”

Irfan Wani in New Delhi posted this on our Facebook event page

“I might not be there physically but my inspiration and true feelings will be there for the peace at “a ringing bells for the Olympic Truce and the Millennium Development Goals” as a Prayer for success of establishment on peace and the shape of my bell will be my heart which will ring the bell tone of peace and harmony…Inshahallah…”

Mr George Papandreou, Vice-President of the International Olympic Truce Centre, former Prime Minister of Greece, begins his salutation,

“Supporters of Truce, Supporters of Peace!  It is a great honour for us that you have gathered here today!”

We will post photos and news after the event.


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