11 thousand worldwide join Olympic Truce FB group

In four weeks, the new Olympic Truce Facebook group has grown to over 11,000 people from all over the world.

Don McBurney, the key admin, writes,

From David Wardrop, Westminster UNA – Why are we supporting the Olympic Truce? Because in ancient Greece, the Olympic Truce enabled athletes to travel unhindered through the lands of traditional enemies to and from the Olympic Games. So, during intense physical competition, there was created the spirit of ekecheiria, the holding of hands in peace. In 1993, the UN General Assembly agreed to the International Olympic Committee’s appeal to revive the Olympic Truce, to mobilise youth in the cause of peace. So, in the Olympic Village in London, the flags of the United Nations and the Olympic Truce will fly together.

What should we all do? Create new pictures, sculpture, poems, photos and ideas in the spirit of ekecheiria, the holding of hands in peace. Share them with each other through this Facebook Olympic Truce community. In a few days, we have attracted friends on every continent. Now, together we can take the message of the Olympic Truce round the world. Start sending your wonderful ideas to us and let’s hold hands in peace with each other in the spirit of peace.


3 thoughts on “11 thousand worldwide join Olympic Truce FB group

  1. The Olympic Truce FB page makes visible the tremendous desire for peace, wholeness, for ‘disagreeing better’ and for positive attitudes to dealing with difference and conflict on the part of ordinary people all over the world – 86 countries I think now. Thank you Don.


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